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Star CNBC Producer John Melloy Leaving To Become CEO Of Social Finance Service Stocktwits

Joe Weisenthal
John Melloy

via CNBC

Here's an interesting  move in the world of financial media ...

CNBC Executive Producer John Melloy — a star who's been at CNBC for more than seven years — is leaving the financial network to be the CEO of Stocktwits, according a source familiar with the matter.

Melloy has been in charge of CNBC's "Halftime Report" as well as the very successful show "Fast Money."

Stocktwits — which was founded by Howard Lindzon — was an early player in social finance. It consists of an avid community of traders constantly tweeting ideas and news, as well as a network of highly respected finance blogs. Lindzon, we're told, will be moving from the CEO role to Chairman.

When reached for comment, Melloy told BI: "I look forward to the opportunity at Stocktwits. It's already an incredible company. I'm joining it at a great time."  

As for his time at CNBC, he says: "CNBC was an amazing experience. This was my decision."

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