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Starbucks has created 3 new coffee blends that pair perfectly with avocado toast and pancakes

AOL.com editors

Pairing the right wine with a dish can elevate the overall dining experience in terms of flavor, so why not try pairing your breakfast with the right blend of coffee? Starbucks believes you can and you should.

This week, the brand launched three new medium roast coffee blends, aptly called Starbucks Pairings, that were created with your favorite breakfast foods in mind.

Each coffee blend is pretty self-explanatory in that from the name, each tells you which kids of foods will pair best with it. The Sweet Mornings Blend boasts cocoa and dried fruit flavors and is designed to complement pastries, yogurt, cereal, and as the name suggests, other sweet breakfast foods. 

The Savory Mornings Blend features hints of herbs and goes great with omelets, bacon, avocado toast and your favorite breakfast sandwich. 

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The Dessert Blend has notes of candied ginger and orange zest and is for pairing with desserts like French toast, pancakes, waffles, or straight up chocolate and cheesecake. (We think this would pair well with a scoop of ice cream, like an affogato!)

Starbucks Pairings were created by chefs at The Culinary Institute of America and are available today at grocery stores in ground coffee and K-Cup forms. 

If you've been searching for motivation to ditch your usual on-the-go granola bar and instead, take the time to wake up and make yourself a hearty breakfast, this just might be it.