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Starbucks’s Spring Cups Inadvertently Celebrate Twitter’s Most Deranged

Madison Malone Kircher

In a new move for the company, Starbucks released a line of limited-run spring cups. (Usually, the company sticks to taking the Christ out of Christmas with their infamous red holiday cups in November and December.) The cups are color-coded by size, from a tall green to a venti yellow. Grande cups are blue. The Starbucks logo is nowhere to be found, instead replaced by a white circle. At first glance, the brightly colored cups look like they might be Easter eggs. They’re not — that’s a circle, not an egg shape. Still, these white circles on vibrantly colored backgrounds resemble a certain kind of undecorated egg: the Twitter variety. The faceless avatar for Twitter users who haven’t bothered to upload a profile image — usually because they’re trolling or harassing you, or just using the account to complain directly at American Airlines about their lost luggage.

Last week, Twitter announced a new tool letting users mute any account with an egg avatar. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely this will be helpful with shielding your eyes from the new cups.

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