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Stars Align App Uses Groundbreaking Algorithm to Reveal Your True Soulmate

·4 min read

Stars Align Draws From the Elements in the Sky Including Black Moon Lilith, Juno, Vertex And More To Manifest Out Of This World Deep Connections

NEW YORK, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A groundbreaking new dating app using a cutting-edge astrology-based algorithm to match people has entered the scene. Launching today, Stars Align offers a new way to explore human connection, revealing compatibility by comparing the astrology birth charts of two people and building a score out of 10, with 10 being the highest. By charting the sky at one's birth, the innovative app provides an in-depth view of ourselves as well as a potential match, unveiling insights that might otherwise be overlooked.

Extracting data from NASA's JPL to ensure precise mapping of the solar system at a single point in time, a birth chart depicts where the Sun, Moon, and planets are when we enter this world, with messages to help us navigate the uncertainties of life with greater meaning and self-awareness. Based on the relationship between two birth charts, an overall compatibility score from 1 to 10 is calculated to indicate a potential spark between two people and encourage a deeper initial understanding of each other.

"I have always been fascinated by why you feel so connected and drawn to one person over another," said Gelika Bücker, Founder and CEO of Stars Align. "Our mission is to help people find someone who makes their heart sing and pushes them to be better; that soul connection that gives true understanding of one another without any explanation. Stars Align was created through an incredible team that has allowed us to take astrology and dating to another level."

In one's basic profile, Stars Align highlights the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, essentially representing the three pillars of who we are. The Sun represents our basic identity and personality, the Moon signifies our emotional nature, and the Rising sign reflects our image and physical appearance. The app also provides a birth chart, which is divided into 12 houses, each one representing different aspects of life, with the primary ones being the 4th house (family), the 7th house (romantic relationships), and 10th house (career). The other houses comprise self, wealth, communication, sexuality, wellness, travel, social groups, spirituality, death and transformation. Based on the time of birth, the signs rotate around the exterior layer of the chart, with the houses remaining fixed.

The Stars Align app recognizes important but often overlooked elements in a chart including Black Moon Lilith, representing our free and expressive selves (often in a sexual nature), Juno, the sign of marriage and commitment, and Chiron, representing our wounds and the path to heal them. The app also gives insight into fate and destiny through the Vertex and North and South nodes on the chart. The interactive experience of viewing the chart and reading about it in the astrology wheel gives one ample understanding of themselves as well as that of a potential match.

While the birth chart gives another lens into who a person is, a user can round out their profile with personal interests and hobbies, a short bio, photos, and social media handles. Stars Align allows social media integrations with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok, so that one can easily feature pre-existing profiles, showcasing their personal or professional personas. With a free profile, one can review content on the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, as well as on the houses in the astrology wheel, in addition to exploring several likes per day. When two people match, either one can spark up a conversation and discover how their souls align. With the paid membership, users can read in-depth content unique to their own birth chart, see who has liked them, engage in unlimited matches per day, among other features. Additional features will include content on transiting planets, astrologer consultations, advanced analysis of compatibility of a match, as well as further integrations that speak to the company's mission to promote a healthy dating and sex life.

Stars Align consulted a team of expert astrologers with over 20 years of experience for their informative and revealing insights. To find a deeper connection download Stars Align in the App Store or Google Play. Follow #StarsAlign online on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, and for more information visit http://starsalign.co/ and watch this video.

Stars Align - We Are All Connected
Stars Align - We Are All Connected

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