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Startup Founder: Here's A List Of Really Dumb Things I've Done That You Can Learn From

Kevin Smith

William Wei, Business Insider

Andy Dunn knows what it takes to create a successful business.

As the founder and CEO of online clothing retailer, Bonobos he has a ton of experience dealing with startups, VCs, and founders. 

Recently, Dunn wrote an open letter to "dumb" VCs on new blogging platform, Medium. Dunn argued that "dumb" VCs are going out of business.

Dunn has written a new post to "dumb" startup founders. Dunn advises startup founders on how to avoid making the same mistakes he did when starting out.

Here are Dunn's things to avoid:

  • Just talking about your company won't produce results. You need to do instead of talk. Dunn says, " stop thinking entrepreneurship is talking when it is actually tinkering."
  • Remember where you came from. Don't forget the people in the beginning who helped you get to success.
  • Use your capital to accelerate growth. Don't stray from your plan. Dunn says, "m ake the company that you started working on. Just do it. Nobody cares how."

Check out the full post over at Medium.

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