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These states lost the most jobs in 2017

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While the unemployment rate continues to decline under President Donald Trump, hitting 4.1%, the lowest since 2000, there are certain industries—and states—that continue to experience job losses.

GoBankingRates analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to track the number of employees in non-farm industries in each state from August 2016 to August 2017, to find out what states are experiencing the biggest employment drops.

Here’s a look at what industries and states have been affected the most.

Construction Industry
Iowa: 7.3% drop
Nebraska: 2.9% drop
South Dakota: 2.9% drop

Manufacturing Industry
Vermont: 4.4% drop
New York: 4.3% drop
West Virginia: 3.2% drop

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities Industry
West Virginia: 2.9% drop
Delaware: 2.9% drop
Oklahoma: 2% drop

Financial Activities Industry
Hawaii: 3.2% drop
Maine: 2.6% drop
Alaska: 2.5% drop

Professional and Business Services Industry
Wyoming: 3.4% drop
Mississippi: 2.2% drop
Maine: 1.7% drop

Education and Health Services Industry
Wyoming: 0.7% drop

Leisure and Hospitality Industry
Wyoming 3.6% drop
Kansas 2.4% drop
Kentucky 0.9% drop

Hawaii: 3.1% drop
Wyoming: 2.4% drop
New Mexico: 1.8% drop

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