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These states have the highest number of open auto recalls

Ned Ehrbar

There have been plenty of auto recalls in the news recently, including the massive Takata airbag recall which affects tens of millions of defective airbags. But some drivers are still not taking their cars in to address the widespread safety problems. To fix that, the National Safety Council has declared May as Airbag Recall Repair Month.

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Carfax estimates that there are more than 52 million vehicles with active recalls still on the road, and now we know which roads those cars are hitting. The organization released a report on recall figures, including the states with the highest percentage of open recalls.

Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana top that list, with about one in four cars in the state recalled. In terms of raw numbers, California, Texas and Florida top the list of the states with the most open recalls.

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Drivers are encouraged to visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission’s website and look up their vehicle’s ID numbers to see if there are any active recalls on their particular models -- and then get them addressed. That way, you can drive safer and help your state move further down the list for next year.

States with highest percentage of vehicles with open recalls:

1. Mississippi (24.7%)

2. Texas (24.6%)

3. Louisiana (23.7%)

4. Alabama (22.2%)

5. New Mexico (22.1%)

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States with the highest number of open recalls:

1. California (6.3 million)

2. Texas (5.5 million)

3. Florida (3.2 million)

4. Pennsylvania (2.2 million)

5. New York (2.1 million)

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