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How to Stay in Shape During Home Lockdown Isolation. New on YouTube: Geezer Fast-Yoga In Your Own Living Room

84-Year-Old Business Writer Denny Hatch Invites Senior Men to Invest Just 26 Minutes a Day to Keep Joints and Muscles Loose and Limber.

PHILADELPHIA, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Seven years ago Denny Hatch began feeling stiff and was having difficulty putting on his socks. His wife, Peggy, suggested he should figure out a way to put on his own socks.

Denny decided to try yoga. He began working for one hour every Friday with Sheila, a highly recommended personal yoga trainer. He felt limber, was pain-free, and, above all, had no trouble putting on his socks.  

Last year the Hatches went on a three-week river cruise. He returned home to his regular Friday morning practice with Sheila and felt beaten up and exhausted. He realized some kind of short routine every morning was needed.

For his daily session Hatch cut Sheila's 60-minute workout in half and speeded up the movements. With Sheila's guidance, he wrote, was photographed and narrated Geezer Fast-Yoga In Your Own Living Room. These 26-minutes a day have been part of his life for a year.

Geezer Fast-Yoga Is a Public Service and Free
The YouTube video was announced on Denny Hatch's Marketing Blog, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

A Sampling of Response from Hatch's Blog Readership and YouTube Users
"I'm so proud of your work Denny! You really embraced so much of what we've practiced, and collapsed it into a digestible piece for yourself and for lots of others!"
—Sheila P. (The Hatches' yoga teacher)

"My wife and I will start this tomorrow morning. Thanks, Denny.
—Ira H.

"Denny, I love the video and plan to start my workouts today." 
—Jay W.

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NOTE: Denny Hatch is not a Licensed yoga instructor. If you feel any kind of pain from any of the moves in this routine, STOP IMMEDIATELY and consult a physician. 

Denny Hatch
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