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Stealth Mark Releases Child Sexual Exploitation Report

Stealth Mark Releases Child Sexual Exploitation Report

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL--(Marketwired - Jul 24, 2017) - Wellness Center USA, Inc. ( OTCQB : WCUI ), today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, StealthCo, Inc., dba Stealth Mark, is publishing its Mindshare Mapping Report on Child Sexual Exploitation, with a focus on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. The completed report, utilizing the company's ActiveDuty System™, is produced for parties currently remaining undisclosed, and intended for presentation to a variety of advocacy groups and governmental agencies.

This comprehensive report will demonstrate a paradigm shift in the current cultural understanding of the sex trafficking marketplace; this includes identify gaps in protection and education for our children, and providing credible evidence that will help focus our nation's limited resources.

The first in a series, ActiveDuty will produce on-going reporting and will verify outcomes in reduction of trafficking; all requirements outlined within the new bills now in front of the Senate for approval.

This initial report is intended to guide in the current and future development of policies and strategies to be used for criminal justice intelligence and by victim advocacies. With the recent passing of HR2664, HR2480 and HR2200 by the house, the timing could not be better. These bills strengthen the country's fight against human trafficking, and with that comes federal requirements for better understandings, accountability and a need for real time information that is currently not available, until now.

"Child sexual exploitation, and human trafficking, are hideous activities that, unfortunately, are still all too prevalent, and still occur daily at an alarming rate," states Rick Howard, CEO of Stealth Mark. "We believe the power of Stealth Mark's ActiveDuty System™, while designed and utilized in the fight against counterfeiting, will provide a major paradigm shift in the current perceptions of child sexual exploitation; of the victims, of the perpetrators, and the methodologies in play. Child exploitation, money-laundering, and counterfeiting are frequently interwoven, with one area greatly affecting the other. ActiveDuty ™, with its powerful toolset, can greatly impact how those behind these crimes operate. Understanding of behavioral patterns is key to fighting these heinous acts. Criminals change their identities, but they don't change their basic behaviors," Howard continued.

This study presents the unique and focused methodology power of the ActiveDuty System™, providing real time information that will place focus on hot zones for sexual recruitment, show how the child marketplace prices victims, and provides in-depth personas as never seen before for both the perpetrators and their victims.

"We can't emphasize enough that this is a new way to leverage big data," stated Lee Anne Patterson, VP of Marketing and Sales for Stealth Mark. "The ActiveDuty System™ not only pulls in information from around the world, speaking all the languages -- it understands subtext, it hunts, it learns and it does so without predisposition to biases. This is a new tool that will allow our clientele to start seeing the world through a new lens, helping advocacy groups and governmental agencies to build strategy to become pro-active, rather than reactive. We are confident that by turning the power of the ActiveDuty System™ toward the horrors of child exploitation, Stealth Mark can make a difference in supporting those that are on the front lines of this war, arming them with a new arsenal of real time information."

Stealth Mark's ActiveDuty System™ is a proprietary Digital Threat Assessment Platform powered by mPathDiscovery. The platform utilizes leading-edge algorithmic human behavior modeling technology called Digital Sociology to provide actionable intelligence that provides clients much more than just data. Rather, it will make available a comprehensive and global umbrella of strategic information regarding potential threats and illicit activity.

About the ActiveDuty System™

To better understand the ActiveDuty System™ capabilities... imagine leveraging the domain knowledge of a large team of dedicated subject-expert analysts who are able to digest and contextualize any and all research materials associated with the focal area. Then add the skills of an international social media research group that has access to all consumer-generated posts in any language across the full spectrum of shared digital communities (Bulletin Board System (BBS) to discussion groups to tweets). Layer in a global network of news analysts who specialize in understanding how the history of a news event impacts the trajectory of current and future news events along with a team of anthropologists and behavioral economists to outline definable patterns of human behaviors from across the spectrum of research, social media and news data -- historically, currently and predictively. Then combine all of these empowering attributes into a proprietary, repeatable protocol utilizing machine learning (AI), computational linguistics and mathematical epidemiology... this is the power of the ActiveDuty System™.

About Wellness Center USA, Inc.

Wellness Center USA, Inc. (www.wellnesscenterusa.com) is a hybrid healthcare company that combines best in class technologies, software, devices, providers, protocols, goods, and services. It was created to address important healthcare and wellness needs via breakthrough solutions, all centered around the "well-being of the body and mind." Wellness Center USA, Inc. is the parent company of three businesses reporting consolidated: Stealth Mark, National Pain Centers, and Psoria-Shield.

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