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Stellar Life, a New Science Fiction Comic Book, Announces Official Release

Stellar Life Follows a Sect of Humans As They Search For Other Humans after Being Decimated By an Alien Race

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 2, 2016 / Víctor Saenz Barron is proud to announce the release of his science fiction comic book, Stellar Life.

Stellar Life tells the story of humans advancing to the point where they colonized habitable planets far outside the limits of the known universe. The expansion brought about a golden age for humanity, where peace was their highest virtue. Compassion was born, and a new way of being took root.

With time, the colonies diversified, and tension mounted in the socioeconomic and political climates. Differing habitation brought about differing beliefs, and eventually a war broke out between neighboring factions.

Having broken their promise of peace to their alien cohorts, the aliens began a systematic extermination of humanity; which to them was too insane to allow to exist. Once enough humans were killed, the aliens left them to their own devices, and from the ashes a new generation of humans was born.

Now in the present, the new human colony will stop at nothing to find other survivors and build a new civilization based on past ideals.

With the backstory of his comic book established, Barrón's next epic will take place 70 years after the attempted extermination. An intergalactic ship called "The New Moon" goes on a mission to locate 2 spacecraft lost during the wars. Having established contact with a neighboring community, the New Moon ceases to communicate with its base, and suspicions arise as to its fate.

This story lays the foundation for "inside divisions, lost knowledge, new beliefs, psychic powers, obsolete spaceships, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, holograms, and much more," says the website. Barron's comic book certainly needs a universe to accommodate the scope of his imagination.

In order to supplement some of the financial investment necessary to bring a chronicle like this to life, Barron has taken his project to Kickstarter where he is seeking investors to help fund his dream. Contributors will be rewarded with such perks as digital copies of the comic, t-shirts, print posters, and even a character created after their own likeness.

To learn more, or to make a contribution, please visit: https://goo.gl/1w8QVU

About Stellar Life:

Stellar Life follows a sect of humans who were isolated from their race after an eradication attempt of humanity by aliens with superior technology. Reborn from the ashes, a small sect of humans attempts to make contact with other survivors of the attempted extermination.


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