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STEM Educational Toys Donated to Torrance Schools by EIO.com


In a move to give something back to the community that has helped the success of his business as well as help the next generation develop those essential STEM skills, Tachyon Gott’s Electronic Inventory Online (EIO.com) will be donating 15 Elenco SC-500 kits to Torrance Elementary. To assist EIO in this effort, Elenco, the manufacturer, has donated 15 student guides with an additional book for the teacher to help guide the teaching so that STEM principles will have more targeted and lasting impact with the students. The kits will be used in Mrs. AnnMarie Frank’s 4th and 5th grade combo STEM club which is an extracurricular group focused on teaching children Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students will work in pairs to complete the experiments.

Each Elenco SC-500 kit is capable of more than 500 experiments that teach the fundamentals of electronics and circuit design to children. Each of the 75 pieces in this particular set is color coded for easy recognition and each Elenco snap circuit kit is compatible with others, meaning that expanding a given set is easy. The pieces also snap together for easy assembly which is great because it’s safer and less messy than soldering. It goes without saying that with 500 experiments and room for expansion, this is a toy that will keep any child busy, but more importantly, learning. Experiments included in this set include: an FM and AM radio, a transistor timer, a half wave rectifier circuit and many more.

If this first program is successful and students are able to use the kits to discover the world of electronics, Gott plans to expand this program to the entire Torrance school system.

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