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Stephen Colbert Goes Deep Inside the World of a Russian Oligarch

As part of Russia Week on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert spent the day with Russian oligarch, and owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov at his home outside of Moscow. An oligarch, especially in Russia, can be defined as a very rich businessman with a great deal of political power. Besides being extremely rich, Prokhorov is also close with Russian President Vladimir Putin, so he definitely fits the mold.

Stephen Colbert with Mikhail Prokhorov on The Late Show. (Photo: CBS)

The day started with a brief interview in which Colbert seemed genuinely nervous that he might not make it back to the states alive. Prokhorov played into Colbert’s fear by not giving certain answers about whether or not Colbert would leave with all his toes, let alone his life.

But Colbert became more comfortable as Prokhorov showed him around his house, then took him to what looked like a huge, custom-built clubhouse. This was a place Prokhorov had specially built solely for the purpose of practicing the ancient Tibetan art of Tescao.

Watch Stephen Colbert find common ground with Russian people:

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