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Colbert Imagines The Outcome Had Obama Given Press Conferences Like Trump

TONIGHT: Stephen compares President Trump's press conferences to President Obama's... sigh.

Stephen Colbert said things would have worked out very differently had former PresidentBarack Obamaspoken to the press like his successor does.

On Wednesday, PresidentDonald Trumpused an impromptu news conference toaddress reports that he couldn’t rememberthe name of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of the American soldiers killed in Niger.

Trump said Johnson’s name was written on a chart when he called the fallen serviceman’s widow, and that he said Johnson’s name with “no hesitation.”

“Remember when Barack Obama would go on TV to brag about being able to read a name off a chart?” Colbert said on the “Late Show.” “I don’t remember that, I don’t, did that happen?”

Colbert then imagined just what would have happened had Obama ever held a news conference like Trump ― and it wasn’t a pretty scenario.

Find out how it may have gone down in the clip above.

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