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StereoVision's Head of Production Provides Film Slate Funding Progress Report

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2015 / StereoVision Entertainment Inc., a publicly traded Nevada corporation. (OTC:SVSN) Head of Production Jack Honour has today provided the StereoVision Board with a progress report on the funding of their five picture feature film slate.

"It's an exciting time for the Stereovision team," stated StereoVision's Head of Production, Jack Honour. "The acquisition of Everett Jolly as StereoVision's CEO along with 49% of his company UPTICK Newswire LLC has generated a great deal of new enthusiasm at StereoVision. Everett and UPTICK's staff are a very talented group of people and they're delivering a 100% effort as they navigate the learning curve of being partnered with a publicly traded entertainment company. Through StereoVision's wholly owned subsidiary REZN8's Chief Creative Officer Harvey Lowry, we have a verbal matching money commitment for our slate of films which Harvey's directing. Working with Everett and the UPTICK team StereoVision is making solid progress towards providing our half of the $28,840,000 for our slate's full funding." (see below).

StereoVision Entertainment Inc. (http://stereovision.com) Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, StereoVision Entertainment is a Nevada publicly traded company focused on the delivery of high-quality, low-cost 3D content. StereoVision's business is driven by the creation, acquisition, and production of cutting edge multimedia assets. Responding to the growing demand for 3D content StereoVision is developing a wide variety of 3D intellectual properties and technologies for the continuously emerging multimedia content distribution platforms.

REZN8 (http://rezn8.com/) A StereoVision wholly owned subsidiary. Founded in 1987, the Hollywood based 9 time Emmy Award winning REZN8 is well known throughout the Industry for developing the media vision for a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients across a wide range of platforms including broadcast, film, Internet, wireless, and video games. REZN8 is an acknowledged leader in 3D broadcast graphics and animation and is a pioneer in the design and development of graphical user interfaces. (GUI) REZN8 has produced content for NBC, ABC, CBS Sports, Entertainment Tonight, Fox, HBO, VH-1, Syfy Channel, the UFC, Showtime, and numerous others. For many years REZN8's been a primary outside design source for Microsoft's graphical user interface, (GUI) including Microsoft Home Media Center, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft's Home of the Future, and Microsoft XBOX.

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Five Picture Film Slate - $29,840,000

1. 'THREE DIMENSIONS OF JERUSALEM' $4.9mil-Faith Based 3D feature. Director Harvey Lowry, Screenwriter-Pamela Wallace, Composer-Misha Segal.

Academy Award winning Screenwriter Pamela Wallace, Israeli Oscar nominated Composer Misha Segal, and Academy Award winner (Benjamin Button-Special Effects) Director Harvey Lowry. TDOJ is to be filmed in Texas, and Jerusalem where there is substantial government financial and logistical support available. (see links)





2. 'GONZOS 3 DOUBLE D' $2.94mil - PG 13 Extreme sports action/adventure. Director Harvey Lowry. Written and Produced by 'Baywatch' Co-Creator and Executive Producer Michael Berk.

"G3DD" is SV's top property for product placement (integration) and we believe it will deliver the best ROI of any of the films on our slate. "G3DD" to be made in Miami qualifies for an up to 25% subsidy.

The mind captures a 3D image 85% better than a 2D image and advertisers are getting it. Heinekens paid $45mil for product integration in the new James Bond movie. In the scene James Bond takes a drink from a bottle of Heinekens. Picture Sea Doo's or ice cold Corona's coming off the screen in 3D.



3. 'AUBREY BLAZE at the GATES OF HELL' $15mil - PG 13 Female Empowerment Action/Adventure. Directed by Harvey Lowry Screenplay by 'Baywatch' Creator and Executive Producer Michael Berk. 'ABGH' is to be shot entirely in Puerto Rico. StereoVision will utilize PR's 40% in tax credits.


StereoVision's advantage in PR is that the Company's attorney in PR Antonio Sifre, authored PR's Film Producer's Tax Credit legislation. PR's most prolific independent film production company Konwieser Brothers is SV's strategic production partner in PR, grandfathering in all of SV's film projects there.



How much foreign sales and filmmaker subsidies will be raised towards the $15mil will be determined by the talent that we're able to attach. Our 1st pick to star in 'ABGH' is Benecio Del Toro. We believe we can generate as much as 35% of the budget from the PR subsidies or about $4.5mil. We believe can sell the foreign distribution for $5mil, and with a small domestic release we'll get around a 20% negative pick up deal from the distributor for around $3mil, so we'll will have a Gap Financeable $12.5mil towards 'Aubrey Blaze Gates of Hell' full financing.

4. 'SECRETS OF THE LOST SAN SABAS' $4mil - PG 13 Mystical metaphysical action adventure feature. Willie Nelson expected to play the lead.

Virtually all of the production of 'SLSS' will be done in Texas at Willie Nelson's old western town at his ranch named Luck, Texas, thereby qualifying the project for up to a 29% subsidy. Willie has all the production crew needed right there at Luck, Texas on his ranch near Marble Falls, Texas to produce 90% of the movie. The city scenes will be shot in San Antonio. Our agent Mark Lichtman's client in Austin is Troublemaker Studios where '300', and 'Sin City', among others were produced almost in their entirety and they recently produced 'Sin City 2' there as well. SLSS could complete all its post at Troublemaker Studio thereby producing the entire movie in Texas.

5. 'KUNG FU U' $3mil - PG 13 Anti-bullying 3D martial arts summer camp movie. Starring Hulk Hogan. Harvey Lowry Directing. Michael Berk attached as writer/producer. We expect to shoot 'KFU' in California and believe it will deliver a substantial subsidy. With Faith Based films being so popular these days we expect modest sponsorship earnings with this picture as well.



Herky Williams

SOURCE: StereoVision Entertainment Inc.