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Stessa Announces New Functionality to Make it Easier for Real Estate Investors to Track Their Rental Properties in One Place

Investors across the U.S. are now using Stessa to track more than $25B in real estate assets

SAN FRANCISCO, July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Stessa, the portfolio tracking platform for rental property investors, today announced the release of a new suite of features designed to help owners of rental properties better manage their entire portfolio, all in one place. The platform has grown more than 50-fold in the last year, and individual investors now rely on Stessa to gain visibility into more than $25 billion in rental property investments.

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The new features, driven by investor demand, include the addition of short-term rental tracking, auto-categorization of transactions using machine learning, and a better way to organize real estate documents so that they can be easily accessed at any time. Additionally, the platform has added a new Net Cash Flow Chart that gives a clear picture of investment performance, advanced collaboration features, and an automatic Tax Package with everything investors need to prepare their rental property tax returns.

"By providing powerful free tools for the individual investor, Stessa makes it easier for landlords to keep track of their real estate investments," said Heath Silverman, co-founder and CEO of Stessa. "There's been incredible enthusiasm from the investor community, and we're very excited to expand the platform to include Documents in addition to finances and reporting. Our goal is to give real estate investors more visibility with less effort so that they can make better decisions and grow."

New functionality includes:

  • Short-Term Rental Tracking: Capture, analyze and report on financial results for vacation rentals alongside buy and hold investments. Import transactions quickly and easily with the Airbnb file uploader.
  • Real Estate Documents: Simplify record-keeping with a single place to keep track of, organize, and securely store files of all kinds (leases, bids, contracts, insurance, legal & closing docs, etc.). Access from anywhere with unlimited cloud storage.
  • Collaboration Advancements: Investors with partners can now share Transactions and Documents to easily stay on the same page. Rental property owners can collaborate on financials and share files with partners, brokers, lenders and CPAs to get business done faster.
  • Property Alerts: Get notified when something important happens or needs attention--lease renewals, rent collection, property tax payments, and more.
  • Tax Package: Stessa's Tax Package generates the reports investors need to prepare their rental property returns as well as complete Transaction Details for the year organized into IRS-ready categories with all archived receipts.
  • Net Cash Flow Chart: Visualize investment performance at the portfolio and property level. The chart highlights twelve months of actual income and expenses and how you are performing to your goals.
  • Mobile App Enhancements: Investors can now keep track of performance and expenses on the go with Stessa's iOS app upgraded to include full dashboard reporting, more accurate receipt scanning, and better categorization options.
  • Transaction Auto-Categorization: Stessa does the heavy lifting for investors, categorizing transactions without any manual input using machine learning.
  • Resources for Investors: All registered Stessa users get free access to valuable resources created by experts to help operate and grow their portfolios including Top Tax Deductions and how New Tax Laws impact investments.

Founded in 2016, Stessa's mission is to democratize real estate as an asset class and streamline the entire real estate ownership lifecycle. Millions of Americans are using real estate investing as an onramp to building wealth and achieving financial independence. Stessa offers these investors modern, easy-to-use software that simplifies tracking financials, understanding performance, and organizing documents.

Many investors have full-time jobs outside of real estate and are looking for ways to increase efficiency, centralize information, and get more leverage on their time. Stessa users range from an engineer with a day job that's just starting to invest to siblings with inherited properties who are looking to scale their portfolio to a husband and wife team with young kids who have used real estate to create a more flexible lifestyle for their family.

"Stessa makes it super easy to organize our property portfolio and analyze key financial metrics like cash flow," says Gwynne Wharton, a stay-at-home mom of four who with her husband manages 14 properties in the Carolinas. "Another huge plus is that Stessa is a cloud-based rental property financial management system. I can use it on my cell while I'm waiting for the kids at preschool and then pick up where I left off when I'm back home on my computer."

Real estate investors can sign-up for a free account at Stessa.com to access all the new advancements and start tracking their rentals.

About Stessa:
Stessa gives the millions of real estate investors with single-family rentals, multifamily buildings, and short-term rentals a powerful new way to track, manage, and report on all of their properties in one place. Property owners can now see all their key metrics in one place with a visual dashboard, automate their income and expense tracking, organize all types of real estate documents, and save time with tax-ready financial reports. And best of all, Stessa is FREE for individual investors!

Stessa was founded in 2016, is headquartered in San Francisco, and was acquired by the JLL Spark division of JLL in 2018. To learn more, visit https://www.stessa.com.


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