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The Steva+ from Nugeni is an all-in-one vacuum and steamer

Lulu Chang

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Keeping your house clean has never been quite so seamless. Meet the latest breakthrough in home vacuum systems — one that actually melds the power of a vacuum with the cleaning capacity of a steamer. It’s called the Steva+, and it promises to be the lightest, most powerful steamer and vacuum combination yet.

Functional as either a cordless handheld vacuum or an upright vacuum, the Steva+ can also be your steam mop or mobile steam cleaner. Really, the Steva+ hopes that it’s the last cleaning appliance you’ll ever have to buy. It comes from Nugeni, a family business that has produced quite a few different cleaning systems. But none are quite as robust as this combination device.

The key to the device’s effectiveness lies in its use of steam. Promising an “odor-free and hygienic clean using only the power of water,” the Nugeni team asserts that steam cleaning can not only improve your home’s cleanliness, killing 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria, and viruses, but can also improve your home’s air quality.

The four-in-one cleaning unit promises to be particularly effective for cleaning up after pets, capable of addressing everything from dander to fur to odor to stains with its range of functionalities. Both the handheld steamer and the cordless handheld vacuum components snap into the universal mop stick, resulting in an upright cordless vacuum or steam mop in a matter of seconds.

The AllergyAware vacuum filter claims to reduce allergy and asthma triggers, while the steaming function allows you to get rid of dirt and grime without chemicals. And thanks to the wide range of accessories that can be added onto the Steva+, including crevice and extension tools, you can truly customize your cleaning experience.

The charging base of the Steva+ doubles as a storage unit, and certainly ought to allow for neater storage than stowing a slew of other cleaning products. Those interested in consolidating their cleaning regimen into a single tool can check out the Nugeni Steva+ on the Nugeni website, where the Steva+ can be purchased for $450. So if you’re tired of constantly pulling out different tools for different messes, the Steva+ may be the helper you’ve been waiting for.