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“Steve,” American Flag Battered by Hurricane Dorian, Being Sold to Help Outer Banks Recovery

Meghan Overdeep

An American flag tattered and torn by Hurricane Dorian’s 90-mph winds is being put to good use.

The U.S. flag—nicknamed Steve—that flew atop the Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower when Dorian hit the North Carolina coast on September 6 is being auctioned off to help Outer Banks communities still recovering from the hurricane.

According to a post on the Frying Pan Tower Facebook page, the proceeds will be donated to hurricane victims living on Ocracoke Island, one of the areas hardest hit by the storm.

Richard Neal, a Charlotte software engineer who owns the landmark located 34 miles off the coast, famously did the same with Kevin, the flag that withstood Hurricane Florence, last year. The sale of Kevin the flag raised $11,000 for victims of Florence.

Bidding on Steve opened at $1 Sunday evening. By the following Tuesday, offers reached $3,200.00


“Ripped and torn, frayed and fatigued but not destroyed,” Neal wrote on the eBay page where the flag is up for auction. “Old Glory ‘Steve’ survived and will continue to represent us as Americans who carry on even in the worst of times.”

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The auction ends Sunday night at 7pm EST.