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Steve Harvey Comforts Audience Members Uncomfortable With Sex Talk

On his daytime talk show — not to be confused with his radio talk show, his game show, the kids’ talent show he hosts, or any other television program he happens to host — Steve Harvey comforted a couple of women who weren’t exactly vibing with the discussion onstage. The topic of conversation: curvy women and sex.

Nicole Byer on Steve Harvey. (Photo: NBC)

After actor/comedian Nicole Byer said a few things, Harvey asked the camera to follow him to the top row of the audience, where he put his arms around the two women.

Harvey said, “Y’all just listen to me. It’s gonna be over with in a little while. Y’all just hang in there.” He added, “This is gonna be over within a  minute.  We’re gonna get Nicole outta her in just a minute.”

As for what Byer said, it had to do with tattoos, literature, and her backside.

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