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Steve Harvey gets flirty with Army sergeant on 'This Week in Game Shows'

On Family Feud, an Army sergeant may have perfectly summed up how America feels about our beloved Steve Harvey. When asked to name something a game show host hopes a contestant doesn’t do, first she answered, “jump on him.” When it came back around to her for the second time with the sam clue, she answered “take their clothes off.”

Photo: Family Feud

Harvey said, “A minute ago you [were] jumping on me. Now you wanna take your clothes off. Where we going with this, sergeant?”

And she responded perfectly, saying, “I’m just trying to think like America.”

On $100,000 Pyramid, actress Debi Mazar had a bit of trouble coming up with the word “cruise.” Her first clue was “Tom,” to which she answered “Hanks” and “Ford.” Then she was given a clue about being on a ship, to which she replied, “boat.”

On Celebrity Family Feud, we may have found out something interesting about Lea Thompson’s eating habits: She may be a nibbler. Playing Fast Money, Harvey asked her how many bites it would take her to finish a 6-inch hot dog. She answered “25.”

And back on $100,000 Pyramid, we found out that former SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan still has some growing up to do. We’ll leave it at that.

Check out Steve Harvey’s hilarious reaction to a contestant’s answer on Celebrity Family Feud:

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