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Steve Kerr thanks Mr. Heineken for his moves at Steph Curry's 30th birthday jam

Steve Kerr’s got his groove back. (Screenshot via Twitter)

Video of Steve Kerr boogieing down at Steph Curry’s 30th birthday party on Monday was both comforting and uncomfortable. On one hand, it’s great to see him moving with so much verve after spending the last two years battling nausea and debilitating back pain.

On the other, the convulsions his body made while Migos blared on the speakers induced the type of wincing typically associated with witnessing your dad performing dance moves he saw on TRL 15 years ago.

On Friday before the Golden State Warriors faced off against the Sacramento Kings, Kerr was in good spirits despite the unfortunate results of Durant’s MRI, and was asked about what inspired his moves.

“They were fueled by a good friend of mine named Mr. Heineken. Mr. Heineken taught me those moves.”

You can’t blame the guy for cuttin’ loose. Defending a title is difficult enough. Facing an unpredictable future with Draymond Green as their go-to player on the floor while Durant, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry nurse nagging injuries down the stretch run is going to be mighty stressful experience.

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