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The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation Launches The Give Bag Campaign

Designed to inspire giving to those in need of help or support and start a chain of giving

STAMFORD, Conn., June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation recently launched the GIVE Bag, designed to inspire giving to those in need of help or support.  The goal of the GIVE Bag is to start a chain of giving; one bag can be refilled with thoughtful items and given over and over again within a community, throughout the country, or across the world.

The Foundation introduced the free GIVE Bag to highlight the importance of giving back and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to join its #LoveTheGive movement. The GIVE Bag has already been spotted in China, England, Japan, Mexico, and Singapore, and celebrity supporters, such as Jonathan Adler, Jason Collins, Guy Fieri, Bethenny Frankel, Oscar Madrazo, Bette Midler, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Mark Teixeira, and Bob and Lee Woodruff, have joined the movement as well. 

"It is so important that we all try to help one another in some way," said Alex Cohen, President of the non-profit Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation. "I was inspired by The Giving Plate and wanted to create something similar that didn't necessarily have to be about food, but instead, offered anyone the opportunity to give. That's how the GIVE Bag was born. Even if it's a small gesture, random acts of kindness can truly resonate with everyone."

The concept of the GIVE Bag is simple: Fill it with useful and thoughtfully selected items for someone who needs help, inspiration or support. The recipient then continues the chain of giving by refilling the bag and "paying it forward" to another person in need. The possibilities are truly endless. The GIVE Bag can be shared with:

  • An organization that serves the underprivileged and could use donations of clothing or other necessities;
  • A food-insecure family who may need staples for their pantry or options for their next meal;
  • An animal rescue center that accepts used pet supplies;
  • Members of the community, like teachers, who could use extra materials to help them do their job better;
  • A friend, colleague, or acquaintance—anyone—who needs a helping hand.

The bag is adorned with a tag, which has a QR code as well as a hashtag, #LoveTheGive, so those giving and receiving can share their experiences on social media. Givers are asked to scan the QR code to see how far kindness travels and how one small gesture can lead to many positive moments.

The GIVE Bag campaign features a heatmap and a dedicated social media effort, giving individuals around the globe a chance to witness the impact of their generosity on citizens worldwide.

The GIVE Bag is biodegradable, reinforcing the Foundation's commitment to sustainability, and is free to all. For more information and to request a free GIVE Bag, visit LoveTheGive.com.

About the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation

The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation is committed to inspiring philanthropy and community service by creating awareness, offering guidance, and leading by example to show the world what giving can do. Since launching the Foundation in 2001, Steven and Alexandra Cohen have generously funded local and national nonprofit organizations that uplift the communities in which they serve. The Cohens' giving reflects their personal connection with the causes that inspire them. To learn more, please visit steveandalex.org or follow the Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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