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Stevie D Shakes Up Tejano Music Industry

SAN ANTONIO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 7, 2017 / Ram Herrera, David Lee Garza and Jay Perez all three, make up some of the Tejano industry's top male entertainers of yesterday and today. Well, get ready for a new name.

Here it is, Stevie D.

Just the name alone, has a ring that is memorable!

With just two singles released over the last 60 days, Como Fue and Me Crei de Ti, Stevie D is turning heads, topping charts and is gaining a fan base faster than just about anyone.

Beginning his musical career like most artists, in church, Stevie found a passion for singing and entertaining. Growing up in Brownsville, the southern part of the Great State of Texas, and after attending Hanna High School he soon joined the military and served in Desert Storm. After serving his country and being discharged honorably, Stevie continued to feed his appetite for music with a few local bands back in Brownsville.

If the town sounds familiar, it's because another industry great also derives from the bright yet humble city. Joe Lopez, former front man for Grupo Mazz.

Although many valid comparisons have been made of Lopez and Stevie D's voices, Stevie D carries a unique and fresh sound all of his own.

Ironically, Stevie worked with Lopez as a backup vocalist before suddenly ending his tenure with Joe Lopez y La Nueva Imagen.

When asked about why he took such a long break from the scene, he had this to say, "Well I guess it was just a loss of passion for what I was doing at the time, but don't get me wrong, singing along side of one of the Greats, was an honor and I'd love to do it again someday."

Partnering up with Eddie Perez, very well known tejano producer, Stevie is positioning himself to be a force in the industry. Perez now Stevie's band manager and director is also well known and respected by many for his bass guitar, guitar and studio abilities. He is an addition to Stevie D that makes a recipe for greatness. "Stevie's work ethic and drive along with business knowledge, can make a lot happen in this industry. I just know that he and I will work very well together and he will help me grow professionally. I feel like our opportunities are limitless," said Perez of Stevie.

Their first CD "De Repente" is scheduled to be released mid-September and trust me, after hearing some of it, it really is a Fresh Scent of music. Recorded at Velasquez Music produced by Brando Mireles (the Master of Disaster) and Gilbert Velasquez, 16 time Grammy Award Winner, well it's obvious that a New Star is Born.


SOURCE: Stevie D Music