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Still Upset About That Walking Dead Cliffhanger? Here's When It Comes Back in 2018

Quinn Keaney

After premiering in October, season eight of The Walking Dead has been chugging along slowly, to say the least. That all - well, somewhat - changed during the midseason finale episode, "How It's Gotta Be," when we learn that longtime character Carl Grimes has suffered a fatal zombie bite. He doesn't die then and there, setting up AMC's zombie drama for an emotional return when the show comes back in 2018. So, when exactly can you expect to see new episodes of The Walking Dead and get some Carl closure?

Although you might want to watch the next episode as soon as humanly possible, we've got a little bit of time to kill. Following the midseason finale, Talking Dead announced that the back half of season eight would wait the usual two months before premiering. In other words, clear your calendars for Sunday, Feb. 25, when the show returns at its usual 9/8c slot on AMC.