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Stockpile your chocolate bronzers because Bourjois is leaving the UK

Laura Capon
Photo credit: Instagram/Bourjois

From Cosmopolitan

Hold your Healthy Mix Foundation extra tight tonight because today cult makeup brand Bourjois confirmed they will no longer sell in the UK.

In a statement provided to Cosmopolitan UK, Coty, who own the French brand said the "difficult decision" was made in order to focus on "priority consumer brands".

"We can confirm that following a strategic review of Coty’s Consumer Beauty brands in the UK we’ve made the difficult decision to exit Bourjois. This will allow us to focus to a far greater degree on our priority Consumer Beauty brands."

American beauty giant Coty also own Rimmel, Max Factor and Covergirl and earlier this month purchased a 51% stake in Kylie Cosmetics for an eye-watering $600 (£463 million).

The move comes as UK makeup sales are in decline, partly due to an overcrowded market and a surge of new, celebrity brands launching.

Bourjois was founded in 1863 in Paris by cosmetologist Joseph-Albert Ponsin. The brand gained cult status for their 'Little Round Pot' eyeshadows and Chocolate Bronzing Powder, along with their Healthy Mix Foundation which was a permanent fixture in early YouTube tutorials.

However, as brands like Fenty diversified the beauty industry with their 40 shades of foundation, Bourjois has struggled to keep up. With Coty now acquiring Kylie Cosmetics, it seems that Bourjois has been left behind.

So while we will be mourning the perfumed smell of those little round pots, we're hopeful that the end of Bourjois in the UK, might signify the arrival of Kylie Cosmetics...

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