U.S. Markets closed

Stocks give up gains following Ross comments

Tech stocks lag the market as the White House spends the day talking about the dollar. It’s a mixed bag on Wall Street with tech lagging, airlines sinking, the dollar lower, and Treasury yields backing up again. We’ll have more on the markets coming up. Plus, GE’s troubles are only getting worse, with the SEC now taking a look at its books. Can anything get the conglomerate back on track? And, Toys ‘R’ Us missed out on the holiday cheer, and is now it’s closing hundreds of stores. We’ll explain why private equity, and not Amazon, could be to blame. Plus, Daymond John talks to us about his new book, and the number one thing entrepreneurs always ask him. Catch The Final Round at 3:55 ET p.m. with Myles Udland and Dion Rabouin.