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Stocks meander; oil defaults loom; Target targets Amazon

Yahoo Finance

Investors are not showing much enthusiasm as stocks (^DJI^GSPC^IXIC) aren't moving much heading into the midday session.

To discuss that and some of the other big stories of the day are Yahoo Finance's Alexis Christoforous and Yahoo Finance's Rick Newman, along with Rob Fross, co-founder at Fross & Fross Wealth Management.

Oil companies on the ropes

Cheap oil has it's price, and the price might be bankruptcy for two oil and gas companies that just missed debt payments for a combined $7.6 billion. U.S. shale oil companies are financed largely from high-yield, junk-rated debt, and according to Moody's, default risk is approaching levels not seen since the financial crisis. According to Bloomberg data, the amount of bonds that risky U.S. energy companies will need to pay back is going to increase from about $25 billion this year—to a staggering $260 billion in 2022.

Target's online success challenges Amazon

Look out Amazon (AMZN). Target (TGT) has a bulls eye on you! The once-struggling low-priced retailer is seeing a surge in online sales, elbowing into Amazon's territory. In fact, Target's Internet sales growth during the holiday season outpaced Amazon by a wide margin.

Who gets flights to Cuba?

U.S. airlines are scrambling to get into Cuba. The Department of Transportation has given carriers until the middle of next week to apply for the up to 110 flights a day which will now be allowed after Washington loosened the embargo against the island nation. At least a half a dozen carriers—including industry leader American—have already said they want in.