U.S. Markets open in 4 hrs 31 mins

Stocks to open lower after Trump's trade-war talk worries Wall St.

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Jared Blikre, and Rick Newman discuss the big stories of the day. Alexis also chats with Yahoo Finance tech reviewer Dan Howley about the PlayStation Vue and which streaming service is right for you. Yahoo Finance’s Julia La Roche chats with former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson about the five stocks he puts his kids’ savings into.

Today’s Topics

  • New tariffs coming to imported steel & aluminum
  • Futures tumble on proposed new tariffs
  • Trump sending mixed signals about gun reform
  • Whitney Tilson puts kids’ savings into five stocks
  • Netanyahu questioned in corruption case
  • Weinstein Company sold for $500M
  • Trump to attend Reverend Billy Graham’s funeral
  • 2/3 of Apple devices are in use: Asymco
  • Yahoo Finance answers: Will Trump call the stock market stupid again?
  • GM S. Korea to cut 5K jobs, keep prod steady if provided with $2.8B: Reuters
  • iHeartRadio to file for bankruptcy: Bloomberg
  • Instagram to add voice and video calling to app: Cult of Mac
  • Fmr employee: YouTube refused to hire white or Asian men
  • PlayStation Vue review
  • The best streaming service for you