U.S. Markets closed

Stocks steady after release of Fed minutes

Stocks steady here with the Dow hitting another all-time high and the Fed signaling a December rate hike is coming. Plus, GE is in crisis mode. Is the conglomerate’s hallowed dividend in doubt? And – NBC News targeted by Trump, and Megyn Kelly ratings sinking. Is Comcast in trouble here? Plus, NAFTA talks are underway, and Trump’s pushing a hard line. Why the trade pact might be near its end. Catch The Final Round at 3:55 p.m. with Jen Rogers and Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer.

Winners and losers

Stocks in the red today include Barracuda Networks as the security and networking company’s current quarter guidance disappointed; Infosys with the outsourcer dropping on news the DOJ and State Department will join forces to curb visa program abuse; and Equifax, with shares taking another dip as the Journal reports the credit reporting agency’s prior hack compromised driver’s license data for about 10.9 million people.

Stocks in the green include Snap as Credit Suisse lifted its price target to $20, claiming CPMs, a standard ad rate used in the industry, were stabilizing; Helios and Matheson as data firm S3 partners reveals the massive run-up in the MoviePass parent company’s shares is not a short squeeze, but longs buying more; and Kroger, with shares up as the largest grocery chain in the US says it’s exploring selling its convenience stores unit.