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Stone 2011 Flow-Through Limited Partnership Completes Rollover

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb 4, 2013) - Stone Asset Management Limited ("SAM"), the manager of Stone 2011 Flow‐Through Limited Partnership (the "Partnership"), announced that the Partnership completed the transfer and sale (the "Rollover Transaction") of all of the property and assets of the Partnership on a tax‐deferred basis to Stone & Co. Corporate Funds Limited (the "Mutual Fund Corporation") in exchange for Stone & Co. Resource Plus Class shares (Series A) of the Mutual Fund Corporation (the "Resource Plus Class Shares") on Friday, February 1, 2013 (the "Rollover Date").

Limited partnership units ("Units") of the Partnership were exchanged on a tax‐deferred basis for Resource Plus Class Shares with equal value pursuant to a transfer agreement between the Partnership and the Mutual Fund Corporation. On the Rollover Date, the Partnership received 3.9863 Resource Plus Class Shares of the Mutual Fund Corporation for each Unit held based on a net asset value of $12.2115 per Unit and a net asset value of $3.0634 per Resource Plus Class Share. The capital gains tax liability that would arise upon disposition can be deferred by retaining the Resource Plus Class Shares of the Mutual Fund Corporation.

SAM manages a family of open‐ended mutual funds, a series of flow‐through limited partnerships and a TSX‐listed investment fund. SAM specializes in structuring and managing high quality investment products and currently has approximately $708 million in assets under management.