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Stone Cold Steve Austin's Beer Chugging Lesson To A Fan Goes Viral

Emily Reily

Who knew beer chugging could be an art form? Stone Cold Steve Austin knows.

Beer Throwdown

The former WCW wrestler, actor and producer gave a beer-chugging lesson to Amanda Ruller after she issued the challenge by posting her own photo of the trick.

Challenge Accepted

"Who did it better, @SteveAustinBSR or me???" she asked on Twitter.

Austin responded with a few tips and tricks of his own.

Don't Try This At Home

Austin was very technical in his chug lesson, which is what you need when downing large amounts of alcohol.

"Almost textbook form. Almost. Both arms need to be extended or straightened about 6 degrees. Although I do not have a degree in kinesiology or biomechanics, I am considered a worldwide expert in all things beer related. In particular, drinking. Keep up the good work."

See You At the Bar

Ruller responded with another challenge.

Ruller is a Legends Football League running back, social media influencer, and a TV personality. Ruller has also had a couple WWE tryouts, so she's just as capable of performing a classic chug as the next guy.