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Stop Drinking the Kool Aid

Tara Hunt

Originally published by Tara Hunt on LinkedIn: Stop Drinking the Kool Aid

Do you have harmony and bliss within your organization? Are you celebrating every single day? Does your team feel like close-knit family?

Well, that sounds nice, but it could signal that your organization has become too myopic, too closed, and out of touch. You need to ask yourself, are we really that incredibly awesome, or are we "Drinking the Kool Aid"?

This week's video talks about the huge downfalls that await an organization that has lost it's self awareness. I've encountered groups that lack any porousness (won't allow outside opinions in), edit out diversity (lack of different or dissenting ideas/opinions), and apply serious blinders (edit out any feedback that doesn't back up the story they are telling inside of their cocoon), and these organizations ultimately make terrible decisions and start alienating their own audience.

So, if you find yourself wildly in agreement with everyone in your organization, don't celebrate this. Instead, ask yourself if you are "Drinking the Kool Aid."


Truly Social is a web series that you can share with your boss or client when they're not really "getting" social. It's also the name of my company - where we work with clients on helping them develop their own content series.

I've been working on this social stuff for over 18 years and I've been a participant in the social web since 1992. My videos (usually) come out every SUNDAY ...with ~5 minute "lessons" on what are truly social practices (and what are NOT).