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This New Gadget Is A Mini-GPS For Bicycles, So You Can Stop Writing Directions On Your Hand

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

The latest release from bicycle maker Schwinn — a navigational GPS devices that attaches to your bike — could be a lifesaver. I can say that because I have almost been run over on my bike while trying to read the smudged directions I wrote on my hand.

It wasn’t fun.

CycleNav clips to the front of your bike and flashes lights to communicate directions. It works like this: Before you hop on your bike, open the device’s Android or iPhone app and plan your route. Then send that route to your little travel companion via Bluetooth.

As you travel, CycleNav will both blink green lights at you and yell directions so you know which way to turn. It doesn’t connect to headphones for safety reasons, but if you miss anything, you can press a button and it will repeat the last thing it said. It also tracks your progress like a fitness app, so you can compare rides and see whether you’ve become faster or slower. And, sigh, you can be a terrible human being and brag all about your bike ride on Twitter or Facebook. (Please don’t, it makes me feel fat).

Schwinn says it’ll last for 10 full hours of riding. And it’ll only set you back $60, much less than the value of your life.

You’ll be able to get one at select retailers like Walmart in March. Check out the video below to learn more: