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Store All Your Passwords For Fast, Secure Logins with This Chrome Extension

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

A strong password can be the only thing between a hacker and your precious financial information. And if you’re doing it right, you’ve probably got a whole bunch of different passwords for your accounts on various websites.

Remembering them all can be a real pain. So until Apple’s Touch ID can log you into Facebook, we suggest trying something like the LastPass Chrome extension to minimize daily, laborious passwording, and keep you secure online. 

LastPass will store all your various usernames and passwords so that you don’t have to stop and enter them in each time you access your favorite sites. Chrome already offers a saved passwords feature, but, unlike LastPass, its autosave only manages one user per site, which can be important for those of us with both business and personal accounts for multiple sites.

Just install the Chrome plug-in from the Chrome web store and you’ll be taken to a webform that will ask you to create and enter a LastPass username and password; your LastPass password should be super, super secure, and perhaps more elaborate than your other passwords. Once you’re all registered up, you can either import some already saved usernames and passwords from Chrome, or you can manually add info for sites. The extension places an icon into the username and password field of any website that you’ve added to your profile. Clicking the icon will bring up a drop down menu showing all the accounts you’ve saved for one click sign-in. You can also elect to have one account autofill, which makes things even speedier.

You can also give LastPass things like your credit card info and social security number (at your discretion, of course, though the makers of the app ensure us that all info received is encrypted and unviewable by even them) for the quick auto population of forms and purchase checkouts on sites.

The premium version of LastPass ($12 a year) will give you access to its mobile apps, too, which allow for the viewing and management of your account and info from any smartphone or tablet. But, for starters anyhow, we suggest you don’t pass on the free version of LastPass.

You can grab it at the Chrome web store now.