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Storm costs mounting in West Virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- Storms have battered West Virginia to the tune of more than $370 million this year.

That figure is based on regulatory filings and government estimates, according to the Charleston Daily Mail (http://bit.ly/XWQAFX).

Most of the costs — approximately $340 million — are the result of a fierce and destructive wind storm called a derecho, which KO'd power across the state for several days in late June.

Then in late October Superstorm Sandy left up to 2 feet of snow across the eastern portion of the state. Sandy's costs already top $30 million, based on preliminary figures.

Appalachian Power has said its costs were $62 million, while FirstEnergy puts its costs at $110 million.

Customers ultimately will be asked to pick up some of those costs.