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Storm, maintenance caused delays at Ala. airport

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- Birmingham Airport Authority officials say operations are back to normal at Shuttlesworth International after runways were temporarily closed.

Authority spokeswoman Toni Bast said Monday that the airport's 12,000 foot long runway was scheduled to be closed for maintenance between the last flight on Saturday night and the first flight on Sunday morning.

Bast says the project started as scheduled, but was delayed because of a rainstorm. Bast says the storm delayed operations on Sunday and the airport continued operating on a second, 7,800 foot long runway until Sunday afternoon.

She said both of the airport's runways were closed for about half an hour when maintenance crews were working on the intersection of the two runways.

Bast says the Airport Authority apologizes for any inconveniences that were caused by the delay.