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Strange But True Ways to Earn $1,000 or More

Farnoosh Torabi

It goes without saying that we could all use some additional income these days. The trick is finding the time and figuring out where to start. Well, if you have even just a few extra hours a week to spare and are open to some odd gigs, you’re in luck. Check out these strange but easy ways to make some bonus cash, in some cases up to $1,000 or more per month.
Make a Fast Five
Can you solve a Rubik’s cube? Draw self-portraits? Speak with an Australian accent? If you’re willing to showcase some of your eccentricities, the money’s yours at Fiverr.com. Here you’ll find more than 750,000 listings for a wide range of small services, some quirkier than others. Or, create a gig of your own and name your price. Pay starts at $5, but as some are learning, sky’s the limit.
“It’s become like a nice little permanent job, and it’s opened some great opportunities for me,” says Chris Ferretti, who earns up to $2,000 a month using Fiverr.com.The New York City actor charges $5 to $65 for performing impersonations and phone pranks, and does two to three stunts a day. His most popular celebrity impressions include Alec Baldwin, James Gandolfini and Christopher Walken.

 Recycle Scrap Metal
Soda cans aren’t the only type of scrap metal you can recycle for money. The average appliance is made up of mostly steel, so many metal recycling facilities will pay you up to $2 a pound for all sorts of household appliances from stoves to refrigerators to dishwashers.   
Same goes for that clunker of a car that’s sitting in your driveway. The average vehicle is made of 65 percent recyclable metal and can fetch more than a few hundred bucks.
Rent Your Driveway
Your spare parking spot or empty driveway could be an extra source of income, especially if you live in a high-trafficked area or near a beach or other attraction. Try listing on Craigslist or parkatmyhouse.com, where parking spot owners are renting out their spaces for as much as $100 per week.
If you enjoy sharing your opinions about products, services or advertising concepts, you can pocket some side cash by participating in focus groups. At Focus Point Global in New York, focus groups typically take place at the facility with a group size of six to ten people. Sessions last anywhere from an hour to several days and the pay ranges from $75 to $300 depending on the length of the session. Best part – pay is often in cash on the spot.
What are some ways you’re bringing in extra cash? Connect with me on Twitter @Farnoosh and use the hashtag #finfit