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Strategy Achievers: Leveraging the Power of PR and Systems

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 18, 2022 / You've finally decided to start a new venture after realizing the value you can give to the public through your products and services. Although filled with excitement for what is yet to come, there is also fear of the unknown possibilities on your way to building a successful business. It suddenly dawns on you, "Wait… How can my work be known?"

VIP-Media, Tuesday, October 18, 2022, Press release picture
VIP-Media, Tuesday, October 18, 2022, Press release picture

Gone are the days when the most practical and efficient way of spreading the news is through word of mouth. Living in the digital age, a new challenge is faced by business owners and entrepreneurs, especially in such a competitive market where everyone is battling their way to the top using whatever technological trends and methods are available. This is where contemporary PR companies enter.

However, their promise to transform you into the "next big thing" comes with caveats. Often, the scenario goes like this: You find a PR company that offers a seemingly perfect package for your needs. You subscribe to their services, receive some press, then… that's it. You have five or so articles published online, but that doesn't really mean anything when the content is not relevant to its audience, does it? Ultimately, you ask yourself, "What's the point of having press when I can't even leverage it afterward?"

Seeing this gap in the industry, Pascal Bachmann, a renowned business and life coach, is offering new services under his company, Strategy Achievers. From writing press and booking interviews to conducting market research for strategic media placement and the improvement of their client's brand, Strategy Achievers provides done-for-you services that would help you dominate your niche.

Pascal Bachmann and Strategy Achievers

Recently dubbed as one of the "Top Entrepreneurs to Follow" by Yahoo Finance along with Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez, Pascal Bachmann is a household name for top entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities. After realizing the pressing need for strong brand awareness through strategic media placement, Pascal launched his new programs under Strategy Achievers, catering to brands that seek to increase their brand awareness and attain business growth.

Strategy Achievers' Strategy and Systems

Strategy Achievers does not only sell products to their clients, but they also provide them with a strategy for achieving their goals with precise PR and media placement, positioning them as the authority in their niche, thus, presenting more opportunities and, most importantly, generating money. With their press department, clients are featured in different publications and interviewed in various podcasts and TV shows. Moreover, content creation and social media management are handled by the same department for their clients.

Aside from those, Strategy Achievers also uses the most advanced systems on the market for their clients. From business systems and CRM tools to sales and marketing systems, you would have everything you need to track and optimize the performance of your business when you enroll in their programs. What a steal!

The Why of Strategy Achievers

When asked why Pascal and his team do what they do, he answers, "At Strategy Achievers, we believe that every entrepreneur has the potential to be fulfilled in business and life, and achieving that makes a positive difference in the world."

Rather than simply provide press for their clients, Pascal shared that their team at Strategy Achievers aims to address the main concerns of their clients and help them transform their businesses into something valuable and sustainable through their PR and media strategies and systems. Hence, Strategy Achievers specializes in identifying their clients' niche/s, along with their strengths and weaknesses, and building a game plan based on the information they received and research conducted.

In essence, the goal of Strategy Achievers points to helping their clients learn how to leverage the press they receive. It is one thing to help their clients build a strong branding and online presence and it is another to help them become THE authority in their field. By emphasizing the great value they can give to their audience, Strategy Achievers is on a mission to transform the lives and businesses of visionary entrepreneurs!


Paula Henderson

SOURCE: Strategy Achievers

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