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StreamTrack Announces Alliance to Potentially Reach Over 300 Million Registered PPTV Users

SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 29, 2013) - StreamTrack, Inc. ( OTCQB : STTK ) announced today that it has entered into an alliance with PPTV, China Mobile Entertainment Holdings, LTD and One World Media Group as part of an historic alliance to bring Internet Radio to Asia including China.

Jingyu Qiu, General Manager of PPTV International, stated, "PPTV is the world's leading OTT TV platform that provides online content in a real-time social environment to over 300 million unique users in China and around the globe. This is an unprecedented opportunity for us to deliver music to China as well as all the markets we serve globally. We have had tremendous success with our TV channels and feel that One World Media's network of Radio Stations and StreamTrack's unique content monetization technology will be a great addition to our family." 

Under this alliance, China Mobile Entertainment facilitates securing content relationships on behalf of PPTV that will be launched from their portal, radio.pptv.com. One World Media Group will deliver the most popular International Top 40 programming format with crossover styles ranging from Latin, Caribbean, European, Asian and Middle Eastern. StreamTrack's UniversalPlayer™ will be the technology platform used for streaming and monetization. StreamTrack will manage all aspects of advertising sales and fulfillment to PPTV's audience. It is anticipated that the initial launch will attract more than one million PPTV users, prior to rolling out the product across the entire user base of 300MM users.

Mohamed Moretta, Senior Partner of One World Media Group added, "Our organization is excited about our partnership with PPTV whose vision aligns with our desire to unite the world through music. By tapping into their audience of over 300 million users, and utilizing StreamTrack's UniversalPlayer™ technology, we are creating tremendous value for the world's leading brands and advertisers. We can now provide a unique opportunity that does not exist in the current marketplace. We are looking forward to the unveiling of our radio stations."

Mitch Sandler, Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Entertainment Holdings LTD, commented, "I have always recognized the opportunity to drive social engagement through audio streaming but now through our partnership with One World Media and StreamTrack, we have created a unique way to monetize that experience through the Universal language of music!"

StreamTrack's Chief Executive Officer Michael Hill added, "This is a significant opportunity for us to enter into this uncharted space provided by PPTV. This deal will expand the reach of our brand, bringing Internet radio into the rapidly growing Chinese digital marketplace. We plan on cultivating the growth and the success of this relationship by maximizing the potential of PPTV's audience coupled with our unique revenue producing model utilizing our technology."

About PPTV

According to PPTV (www.pptv.com), PPLive is the world's largest online video interactive entertainment media platform with the highest number of users and widest coverage. Apple, Inc. has ranked PPTV's App as the #1 most downloaded App in the video category for both 2011 and 2012 with over 100 million downloads, serving Chinese communities both in China and around the globe. The platform has over 200 live channels and currently makes available approximately 100 million video clips and 10,000 video content search records, with a library of more than 200,000 licensed films and teleplays. For more information visit http://www.pptv.com

About One World Media Group 

One World Media Group is a new multi-media platform dedicated to bringing the world together through the arts, entertainment and technology. Multi-cultural Brand includes music production, TV and film project development, as well as radio station imaging and programming. Starting with their flagship Oneworldradio.tv, they have created a network of radio stations where you "See The Music™." Their unique radio stations spin an array of music videos from all around the world instead of just audio. For more information visit: http://www.oneworldmediagroup.tv

About China Mobile Entertainment Holdings LTD

China Mobile Entertainment is a leading provider of cutting edge content and products to APAC. Its focus is to bring Western Entertainment to Asia such as Television, Film, Fashion and Music. For 21 years it has represented content producers, networks and media companies looking to position themselves in an otherwise challenging environment. It supplies a carriage to broadcast in China with a licensed partner internally reaching of over 300MM registered users. For more information visit: http://www.chinamobileentertainment.com

About StreamTrack, Inc.

StreamTrack, Inc. (the "Company") is a digital media and technology services company. The Company provides audio and video streaming and advertising services through its RadioLoyalty™ Platform (the "Platform") to a global group of internet and terrestrial radio stations, internet radio guides and other broadcast content providers. The Platform consists of a web-based and mobile player that manages streaming audio and video content, social media engagement, display and video ad serving within the web player and is also capable of replacing audio ads with video ads within the web player in a live or on-demand environment. The Company offers the Platform directly to its broadcasters and integrates or white labels its technologies with web-based internet radio guides and other web-based content providers. The Company is also continuing development of WatchThis™, a patent-pending technology to provide web, mobile and IP television streaming services that are e-commerce enabled within streamed content.

For more information visit: http://www.streamtrack.com or http://www.radioloyalty.com

The Forward-Looking Statements

This announcement contains forward-looking statements about PPTV Hong Kong LTD, One World Media Group LLC, China Mobile Entertainment Holdings LTD and StreamTrack, Inc. that may involve risks and uncertainties. Important factors relating to the company's operations could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements and which are further detailed in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission available at the SEC website (http://www.sec.gov). All forward-looking statements are based on information available to StreamTrack, Inc. on the date hereof, and Streamtrack, Inc. assumes no obligation to update such statements.