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Street Fighter V getting Spain stage, balance tweaks revealed in CFN update

Ed as seen in Street Fighter V (Capcom)

The full changes coming in the new Capcom Fighter’s Network update to Street Fighter V have been detailed in a blog on Capcom’s official site. As stated previously, the May 30 release will bring a slew of new features, including a new stage.

The update, which was delayed from its original date to May 30, will also be bringing a handful of balance changes to the game, including tweaks to Balrog’s Turn Punch, R. Mika’s Passion Press, and Dhalsim’s standing heavy punch and back throw. You can read the full balance changes over at the Capcom blog post.

Most importantly, though, Ed will finally be released. But that’s not all for new features. The infamous Spain stage from Street Fighter II is making its return in full SFV glory. Yes, that means that Vega will be able to climb the fence in the background and do some of his trademark flipping/slashing.

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