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Street Fighter V update now live, adds new DLC character Ed, CFN upgrades, and huge balance changes

Street Fighter V’s remastered Spain stage in the newest update (Capcom)

Street Fighter V’s gigantic patch that includes new DLC character Ed, sweeping balance changes, and CFN upgrades is now live.

If you haven’t already done so, you can log on and download the nearly 12GB patch. Upon loading the game up, you’ll notice right away the character select screen has been revamped. The character select icons are much smaller and there’s an open space above Ed on the far left. Remember, there are still three more “completely new” DLC characters coming in Season 2.

Updated look at Street Fighter V’s character select screen (Capcom)

The CFN update has added a variety of new changes, including far more detailed player profile information. Now you can see how much you’ve played and what kind of progress you’ve made with individual characters like wins and losses or how much League Points and Fight Money you’ve earned. You will also get CFN friend requests right to the CFN dashboard.

Capcom has a full breakdown of CFN upgrades on its blog.

Street Fighter V revamped Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) in the latest update (Capcom)

Ed is also officially available with this latest patch after being playable in the most recent beta test. Players will have access to Ed with the Season 2 Character Pass or he can be purchased individually for 100,000 Fight Money or $6.

Lastly, the latest patch brings many balance changes to Street Fighter V’s roster. Characters that had invincible meterless Dragon Punch moves nerfed in Season 2 will get some much needed upgrades. Other characters like Alex and FANG will receive buffs in this latest patch that should restore them to their original Season 1 viability. For more information the updates, check out our breakdown on the balance changes and conversation with Capcom on how Season 2 is getting closer to what the game should have been in the beginning.

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