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Street Fighter V’s new DLC character Ed, CFN update, and balance patch releasing next week

Street Fighter V DLC character Ed

Capcom has announced Street Fighter V’s new Capcom Fighter’s Network update, balance patch, and DLC character Ed will release on May 30.

Street Fighter V recently wrapped up its second CFN beta test in which players had access to all of the new updates and Ed, the latest Season 2 DLC character. First seen in various Street Fighter V story modes, Ed is a hybrid Balrog/M. Bison character, with a focus on Psycho Power-infused offense who has grown up significantly and is known as the “Young Commander” in M. Bison’s army.

The updates had been delayed in order for Capcom to collect more data to fine-tune the CFN and incoming balance changes to Season 2.

Capcom is expected to provide more information about the changes on May 25.

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