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Street Fighter V’s upcoming DLC character Ed confirmed in new leaked images

Street Fighter V DLC character Ed (Capcom)

New leaked images of Street Fighter V’s upcoming DLC character appears to confirm it is indeed Ed, though, he looks a bit different from the last time we saw him.

Multiple images were posted to NeoGAF and originate from the official Street Fighter website. He appears as a much larger and more muscular boxer type – which would make sense since he was rescued by Balrog as a child – but also sports an M. Bison-style costume. This is a stark change from a seemingly younger Ed wearing a sleeveless white hoodie.

Street Fighter V DLC character Ed on the Four Kings stage (Capcom)

Ed was originally intended to be one of M. Bison’s clones in the Street Fighter storyline and appears to have some type of Psycho Power, the same power that fuels M. Bison.

While each character has their own Story Mode, Ed’s mysterious background and transformation might make for an interesting new Cinematic Mode, especially since we are expecting three more all-new characters.

Ed as seen in Street Fighter V (Capcom)

Yesterday, Capcom tweeted an image of Balrog being hit by what appears to be some type of Psycho Power attack with an announcement the full character reveal would come Monday, May 8.

Ed was originally leaked as one of the remaining Season 2 DLC characters in a PlayStation Store listing for the Season 2 Character Pass.

In related Street Fighter V news, Capcom is preparing for another beta test for its CFN upgrade this month. The beta will include all Season 2 content, including the upcoming balance patch and Ed as a playable character.

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