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Streetwise Reports Examines Small-Cap Firm with Royalty on Prime Nevada Gold Deposit

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Knox Henderson explains why he believes Terraco Gold Corp. (TEN:TSX.V; TCEGF:OTCPK), with two big catalysts coming and a royalty in a large Nevada gold deposit, should be trading at three times its current share price...at the very least.

Company mentioned:  Terraco Gold Corp.

The beauty of running a private equity (PE) firm is the "private" component. So, in late 2015 when a subsidiary of PE firm Waterton acquires the 5.1-million-ounce Spring Valley gold deposit in Nevada from a very public Barrick Gold—and its then junior partner, Midway Gold—the flow of information comes to a grinding halt. This leaves other stakeholders, like the shareholders of Terraco Gold Corp., which has an up-to 3% royalty on the lion's share of the deposit, lost in the dark.

Terraco Gold has an approximate average 2.5% royalty on 5-million-ounces of gold, so it is sitting on at least $100 million in solid gold value cash flow over the life of mine.

Terraco completed its transaction with a subsidiary of Waterton on June 17, 2016, where one option for Solidus/Waterton was the ability to convert its debenture into Terraco at $0.18/share. This means Waterton/Solidus valued Terraco at that time at a minimum $0.18/share. The disconnect for valuation is substantial.

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