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Structured Settlement Calculator Now Available for Cash Payout Estimate on My Structured Settlement Cash

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Feb 15, 2013) - My Structured Settlement Cash has added a new feature to their website that will aid visitors with their structured settlement or annuity buyouts more than ever. A structured settlement calculator can now be found on the My Structured Settlement Cash website.

The online structured settlement calculator provides an estimate of how much an individual''s structured settlement is worth. Unlike competing businesses, this method is always honest and reliable. Additionally, the calculator is easy to use, making calculating a structured settlement payout far easier than it used to be. Once an individual gets an idea of their structured settlement''s value, they can decide whether it is worth receiving the monthly payments or whether a lump sum buyout is more beneficial. It is easy to know to unload a settlement thanks to the very easy sell structured settlement calculator.

Roger Byrne, marketing manager of SSC, is excited to launch this intuitive calculator. Only a few pieces of information are required for the structured settlement calculator to make an estimate. A user must enter into the structured settlement calculator the year their payments started, as well as the year their payments are expected to end. Monthly payment amounts and payment frequency is also required. With only these four pieces of information, a lower range and higher range estimate can be made; the structured settlement calculator does not need to know an annuity''s or structured settlement''s present value.

After receiving a cash payout estimate from the calculator, it is possible to receive a fully reliable, no-obligation quote. To receive a free quote, only the individual''s name, email address, phone number, and other information regarding the structured settlement or annuity is required.

While the structured settlement calculator can determine value and whether a lump sum buyout is worthwhile, it is not 100 percent accurate. There are a variety of factors that can affect the value of structured settlements or annuities. Some of these factors include whether the payment amounts have increased over time, whether some payments have been sold, and how much of the payment is remaining.

My Structured Settlement Cash created the structured settlement calculator because the company understands the appeal of a lump sum buyout when monthly installments are no longer meeting financial requirements. In order to help customers with this, My Structured Settlement Cash''s website is a secure site run by highly experienced and knowledgeable staff.


MyStructuredSettlementCash.com is dedicated to helping individuals who are looking to sell their structured settlement or annuities receive the best possible offer. In addition to providing multiple offers, a large network of buyers, and informative articles, My Structured Settlement Cash now offers a structured settlement calculator. For more information, or to receive an estimate, visit mystructuredsettlementcash.com.