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Student Coin Announces Launchpad ICO to Build the Platform for Wide-Scale Tokenization

WARSAW, Poland, Feb. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Student Coin has announced the launchpad ICO to build the platform for wide-scale tokenization. Every crisis is an opportunity for implementing new technologies that could be an answer for flaws of the traditional monetary system. COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of life, including personal finances, the global economy, and education. It has also encouraged financial institutions to look for more resistant and transparent solutions that are based on tokens. Central banks are currently working on their own digital currency called CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), while major financial institutions started recognizing Bitcoin as "digital gold".

The cryptocurrency market, however very risky, is also associated with the biggest gains of the century. Have people wondered where would people be now, if people had bought Bitcoin for $10 in 2010? People would have had almost $400,000 now, and according to some Forbes' predictions - even $3,000,000 in 2025. This may sound like a fairy tale, but it is actually based on deep fundamental analysis of the most trusted professionals. Another fact that stimulates thinking is that S&P Dow Jones will launch cryptocurrency indices in 2021, whereas Wells Fargo called Bitcoin the "best performing asset of 2020".

What is noteworthy, during the current crisis not only the cryptocurrencies are flourishing. All of the world's universities and high schools have switched to remote learning - and it seems that some of them may stay like that forever. The digital transformation and cryptocurrencies also reached the educational sector, and as it was with Facebook, it may become a ground-breaking innovation. Projects such as the Student Coin which connects the education of young people with the rapidly growing crypto market, can soon become the next unicorns.

The process of "tokenization" allows firms to perform crowdfunding without geographical barriers, decentralize the governing, or apply for fast and secure payments. Tokenization can also be helpful for individual people, as it gives the opportunity to decentralize debt, get money to run a business, or secure one's private identity. The "personal token" is a concept of a unique token for every single person, and as scientists suggest, the future economy may be based on such a solution. Student Coin is the first platform that will allow for this wide-scale tokenization enabling firms to create corporate tokens, while individuals will be able to create personal tokens. The results of such transformation can be compared to the way in which social media changed the world in the last 15 years.

The example of the Student Coin can be compared to Facebook at the beginning when these ubiquitous social media were limited only to the net of universities. Student Coin supports students at over 500 universities, closely cooperating with student organizations at Harvard University, New York University, or the London School of Economics. Currently, the project is seeking investors during its STC Launchpad, where people can support this rising net for the tokenization and purchase the core system currency – Student Coin (STC).

Every day our world is changing faster than before, creating many opportunities for technological advancements and disruptive businesses. The world based on personal tokens, as it is now based on social media, can approach very fast – and Student Coin could be its key forerunner.

Read more about Student Coin (link)
Check the STC Launchpad (link)

Media contact
Company: Student Coin (Student Edu Chain Sp. z o.o.)
E-Mail: office@studentcoin.education
Address: 03-641 Warsaw, Ewy 1 Street, Warsaw, Poland
Telephone: 0048570975833
Website: https://studentcoin.org

SOURCE: Student Coin