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Student Investing Championship Launched to Find Best University Student Talent

LONDON, February 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

invstr, the award-winning educational app for investing and financial education, has launched the second in a series of international investing competitions to help thousands of University students learn about the financial markets, while also helping employers find top investing talent.

More than 200 of the leading business schools and universities around the world have been invited to join the Student Investing Championship, challenging students to make the most virtual profit over a five-week period using the invstr app and its investment game. Starting 06 February, the top performers will win prizes and an investing certificate designed to boost their financial careers, including cash, performance certificates, internships, and invitations to career networking days hosted by invstr.

The first competition took place in November and saw the top eight student competitors taking 140,000 trading positions between them, turning over 13.5 billion dollars in notional trades across a broad range of asset classes.

One of the invstr University Ambassadors, Alexandre Magnet, from INSEEC London said: "At first, I was only playing on three or four companies at a time. By the end I was playing almost thirty companies at the same time. It was really challenging as you never know for sure if your prediction will be good - you have to rethink your strategy every day.

"It will help me in my future career or business as it has raised my understanding of the importance of financial markets, how to find information and how to use it for my benefit."

The competition is the brainchild of Kerim Derhalli who spent thirty years in the banking industry - including roles as MD at Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan - before launching invstr to create a fun and social way to get young people interested in investing for themselves.

Kerim Derhalli said: "Competitions like this offer a complementary and practical experience to the academic learning that students receive. The important thing for students is to get into the discipline of understanding global events, following the markets and talking to other people to understand the human reaction to events that drive markets up and down." 

About invstr 

invstr is an award-winning education app helping users to take charge of their financial future in a fun and social way. It includes a market investment game, financial information and a social network for finance, where people can play, learn and share - making finance fun, fair and collaborative. The app is the brainchild of Kerim Derhalli, who founded the business in late 2012. Kerim spent thirty years in the City, most recently as Global Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank. Headquartered in London with offices in Istanbul, it is a free app which enables investors of all levels to play investment games, learn about the markets and share financial opinions. The app provides access to high quality financial news, market data and community predictions in an easy-to-understand way.

Since its launch in December 2014, the invstr app has received over 190,000 downloads across 135 countries. Committed to democratizing financial information and making it accessible to all, invstr relaunched its app in June 2016 as a tool to empower users to make smarter financial decisions. http://www.invstr.com