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Student loan borrowers face 'increased stress, anxiety, and depression' amid coronavirus shock, survey finds

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    They could also write an article that non-Student Loan Borrowers Face Increased Stress, Anxiety and Depression Amid Corona-Virus Shock, Survey Finds.
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    Our current experience with paying for a public college (UC Davis) is that the tuition is about $14k per year and the annual total estimated cost, including tuition, is about $36K. The federal school loans charge a 4.25% loan fee (We paid $1,320) and the interest rate is 7% (which accrues immediately, although the loan payments don't start until after college.) In order for students to come out of the UC system owing $30k, I wonder how much most parents are paying.
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    When the government started giving loans and grants for College the price skyrocketed. Same idea for healthcare. Government got involved to make healthcare affordable and it hasn't been ever since.
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    bigboo's bro
    I paid off my student loans during a recession. There were two keys to my success. 1. Working throughout college during every summer and break, as well as during every semester kept my borrowing low. 2. Since I also did well in school and got a degree that had value to employers, and had a strong work ethic, I was continuously employed and also experience salary increases every year. None of this was easy, but most rewarding achievements are not easy.
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    during college -I work 4-8 hours per day and on week-ends-- had no cell phone -- saved all my spare change --bought used books -- wrote on both sides of my notebook sheets- took lunch to school -- no outside help even from parents-- graduated -- continued the life style - no jobs available -- worked anywhere to make a dollar-- started my own construction co-- in 17 years celebrated my first million
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    I graduated in 2006 with $35K student loan debt and paid it off in 7 years. That means I went through a major recession while paying it off. Sorry that I was responsible.
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    you mean the same stress that people that bought homes and cars. a student loan has no more stress than other loans.
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    They should of thought about that before taking a $200,000 student loan for a job that pays $45,000 per year. Kids, become a plumber, they PAY YOU to learn, then you will make $200,000 + per year.. I have never met a broke plumber.
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    When I was a college student (88-93), my tuition was $435/quarter. I had a couple of small scholarships and I worked my way through school. I graduated with no debt. My son finished his last final on Tuesday and will graduate from my alma mater. His tuition is $12,000 per semester, not including food and rent. Times are different now. It's not possible to go to university full time and pay for it without loans. This and the majority of his friends that had jobs lined up post-graduation, had their offers rescinded.

    With a 15% unemployment rate, this is a crummy time to be a fresh graduate.
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    The Good Guy
    How will you teach these SNOWFLAKES anything about life and responsibilities if their debt gets forgiven. My son took out student loans of $22,000 and paid them back 3 years ahead of time, all while working part time at 2 fast food jobs.