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Student Travel Company, Fantastic Tours & Travel, Discusses the Latest Trends in Educational Trips

COMMACK, N.Y., Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Fantastic Tours & Travel discusses the latest trends in educational trips.

Trends come and go in educational travel just as they do in other industries. Staying on top of these trends lets educators put together trips that are exciting and enticing -- leading to increased engagement and participation. Here are five trends in student travel that educators should be paying attention to:

  1. Increased perception of travel value. More than ever, students are noticing how important travel is during their teen years. In a survey by Skift, 97% of student travelers said that traveling boosted their confidence. Additionally, 75% said that their career path was impacted by travel. Students are more inclined than ever to travel during their late school-age years and educators can encourage this by planning fulfilling trips.
  2. An open-minded view of travel. Generation Z and subsequent generations are known for their open minds -- they are eager to see and explore new places, even if they are not mainstream destinations. Trips that explore culture and authentic experiences are gaining popularity thanks to this forward-thinking mindset.
  3. A focus on "green" travel. Students and educators alike are placing increasing emphasis on sustainability and protecting the environment. Whether it's choosing green transportation methods or selecting destinations like national parks and nature preserves, students are likely to be interested in trips focused around the environment.
  4. Traveling to emerging cities. Although many of the traditional travel destinations are maintaining their popularity, there are new emerging destinations that are attractive to students yet offer educational benefits. Cities like Cleveland and Nashville offer a great blend of historical sites and entertainment to enhance travel plans.
  5. Utilizing an education-specific tour company. With educators taking on more and more responsibilities and initiatives, the idea of planning a student trip can be overwhelming. That's why more educators are turning to student/educational trip specific tour companies specializing in student travel to help them plan a trip that is educational and fulfilling, yet enjoyable.

The experts at Fantastic Tours & Travel can help you put together the ultimate educational trip, with these trends in mind. 

About Fantastic Tours & Travel
Fantastic Tours & Travel is a national tour company creating customized tour experiences for schools across America for over 35 years. Founded in 1984 and holding WBE status, the Fantastic Tours team is experienced, passionate, and proud of their unique approach to educational travel. Their mission is to assist you in creating an enriching experience outside the classroom with travel, with a dedicated 24/7 client service approach.


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