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Student Travel Programs, Fantastic Tours & Travel, Gives Ideas for Last-Minute Fundraising

COMMACK, N.Y., Dec. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the most important checklist items when planning student travel is making sure the appropriate funds are raised. If your trip is approaching and you realize that you either have more expenses than originally anticipated, or another circumstance that leaves you short of your fundraising goal, do not worry. There are things you can do on short notice to raise additional funds. Student travel programs, Fantastic Tours & Travel, gives ideas for last-minute fundraising for your upcoming trip.

Host an "-a-thon". Whether it be a walk-a-thon, dance-a-thon, or read-a-thon, these "-a-thon" type of fundraiser often take little preparation and can come together quickly. Also, supporters do not feel pressured to pledge a lot of money since there are usually many participants and supporters, easing the pressure on individual supporters. Be sure to choose an activity that your students enjoy and can get excited about. Small donations can add up fast!

Set up a 50/50 raffle. Having a 50/50 raffle is a low maintenance way to raise funds quickly. All you need to do is purchase a roll of raffle tickets, which can be easily found online or at a party supply store. Open the raffle up to as many people within your classroom or school building as possible -- the bigger the prize pool, the more excited people will get to participate. Announcing winners can be done electronically or at a school event!

Clothing, book, or household item sale. Invite students and their families to donate gently used clothes, books, or household items to be used in a yard sale-type event. Community members can purchase these items for low cost with all of the profits going towards the trip. Consider having baked goods or beverages there during the sale as an additional way to raise funds.  For ease and foot traffic you can tie your sale in to another school event already planned – or use sports events to promote the day of your sale!

Host a car wash. If the weather permits, have the students who are participating in the trip host a car wash at your school for one or two weekends. You will be surprised how many people are willing to forego the long lines and higher prices of traditional car washes, especially if it means parents getting to see their kids hard at work!

If your trip is quickly approaching and you have not yet secured all the funds you need, be sure to try one of these ideas. Last minute but highly effective, these last-minute ideas can help your class be well funded - fast!

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