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Study: Your Credit Card Debt Is Making You Sick

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Your average American has 50 percent more debt compared to 10 years ago. So how is that debt affecting us? CarefulCents.com, a leader in personal finance education, conducted a detailed analysis of scientific literature to find the answer.

"The cost of debt shouldn't be measured by interest rates alone," said CarefulCents editor Brian J. Roberts. "There is a psychological cost to be paid as well."

Key findings of our study include:

  • Debt stress is significantly associated with psychological distress and poor overall health, with short-term debts being the most stressful of all.
  • Consumer debt level directly predicts changes in marital conflict.
  • Presence of credit card debt alone has significant impact on marital conflict, even after controlling for variables in the family stress model.
  • Credit cards are the second largest source of millennial debt (20%).
  • Financial strains such as consumer debt are strong predictors of depression, mental disorders, and suicidal ideation and behavior.
  • Credit card debt is the most stressful of all consumer debt types.
  • Those with credit card debt are more stressed about overall debt.
  • Being married with children is associated with less debt-related anxiety.
  • Short-term debts are twice as stressful as long-term debts.

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